Download GTA Vice City Thor Infinity War Mod

Here You Can Download GTA Vice City Thor Infinity War Mod, and I Will Guide You On How To Install It.

How To Install

  • Download Mod Link 1 Link 2
  • Then Simple Right Click On The Mod File And Click On Extract Here
  • Open Mod Folder And Copy All Files From Thor Main Folder
  • Paste In GTA VC Root Folder 
  • Then Open IMG Tool And Add Thor TXD File In GTA 3 File
  • Then Open GTA Vice City (Enjoy)  

How To Use

  • Type “THOR” to turn into Thor and back
  • TAB: thunder zap
  • Space: fly using Hammer.
  • Shift + C: thump Hammer. on ground
  • LMB: attack
  • RMB: spin Hammer.
  • LMB + RMB: throw Hammer.
  • Hold “RMB” to set cam on Hammer.
  • Hold “LMB” and use arrow keys or mouse to control Hammer.

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