Antman Mod For GTA Vice City

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Antman Mod For GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Antman mod

gta vc antman

How To Use

  1. Type “Antman” to turn into Antman and back.
  2. Press 5 to call Wasp into normal size to send her back
  3. While the Wasp in normal size, press 1 to scroll previous weapon or press 4 to scroll next weapon (See Wasp Weapons)
  4. Aim at ped and press Z to command Wasp to attack targeted ped
  5. Press G to make her follow the player
  6. If your player die or busted, mod will be deactivated automatically



Wasp Weapons

She has three types of weapons:

  • Unarmed
  • Uzi
  • M4
  • M60

Normal Size


  • Summoning Anthony to fly (Press X) Disadvantage
  • Vulnerable to all attacks (bullet, explosion, fall, etch


Small Size

Power :

  • Stealth (Press X and hold it)
  • Immunities (except explosion)
  • Fast attack movements



Power :

  • Strong enough to carry a vehicle (Press X) and throw it away (Right-click and press X)
  • Basic attack can cause an explosion (Left-click)
  • Able to kick a vehicle (Right-click and press left-click)
  • Easier to push a vehicle while moving the player
  • Jumping getting higher
  • Fast movement speed
  • Immunities


Mission Script

  • Go to ‘Skull’ icon on the map (Phills Place)
  • Fight Ghost and watch out for her quantum explosion
  • If you win, the player will be granted $10000


Known Bugs

  • Sometimes Antman mod crashes the game.

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