GTA 5 Less Traffic Mod

Hello Brother, I Hope You All Are Well, So Today I Am At Your Service With A New Article. In Today’s Article, We Will Talk About Gta 5 Less Traffic Mod.

GTA 5 less traffic mod helps people who want to make great videos but don’t want many people or other things to get in the way. You can also use it to fix GTA 5 lag, which will speed up the game. So, you can get it here for free. See the instructions below for further information.

Just like the name says, this mod has no traffic at all. Even so, there are still vehicles all over the world.


  • No Traffic
  • No Rush Of Traffic Ruining The Shot
  • Create Excellent Videos
  • Improve Performance
  • Reduce Stuttering
  • Fix Lag While Driving
  • And Much More…

GTA 5 Less Traffic Mod Installation Instructions

First, you must download OpenIV 2.6. You can get it here:

  1. Use OpenIV to open up GTA 5 after installing it.
  2. Make sure you’re in edit mode (Click the Edit button on the address bar)
  3. In the left pane, navigate to update.rpf > data > ai
  4. Place the vehiclehandlinginfo.xml file from the download into that directory.
  5. Earlier I mentioned rebuilding, but that’s not necessary. All you need to do is after you place this into OpenIV, load up GTA 5 either from OpenIV or from Steam or whatever. Just make sure you play offline.

Mod Screen Shot

GTA 5 Less Traffic Mod

GTA 5 Less Traffic Mod

Download Mod: Click Here

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GTA 5 Less Traffic Mod